A to Z:Bike Repair 101

How to Repair a Bike!

There are at least 2 great reasons to do your own bike repairs. Commonly known as DIY (do it yourself) bike repair, one of the main reasons is to simply save money as opposed to paying a bike repair shop potentially hundreds of dollars when you can do it yourself. The other advantage to doing your own bike repairs is you get to learn more about how your bike works from a mechanical perspective.

For example, changing a bike tire is quite simple but if you’ve never done it, it may appear to be a technically challenging task. However, it’s as simple as peeling part of the tire off the rim (though not entirely) until you can grab the inner tube. Pull the inner tube out while leaving the tire completely on the rim. You can take the tire off if you prefer but it’s not necessary. now, unravel the new inner tube and carefully place it back inside the tire. Sometimes, it might be easier to inflate the new flattened inner tube slightly just to give it some form but again, it’s not necessary. Once the new inner tube is in place, simply inflate the tube and you now have a new inflated tire! It’s easier than it might seem.

While many repairs can be easy enough for you to tackle, there may be times where you simply need the expert help of a bike repair professional. For example, if your rim is out of alignment or you need calibration of your gears, etc. then it’s most likely best to bring your bike in to the pros but most bike repairs can be done by yourself and you’ll find you not only save money but it’s fun to “get your hands dirty” while learning more about your bike in the process. Have fun and give it a go!

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